Pet Precision Cancer Care in San Francisco, CA

At Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital, we provide Cutting-edge diagnostic and precision medicines to treat dog cancer.

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Pet Precision Cancer Care


As part of our commitment to providing families with the most cutting-edge care for their beloved fur babies, Seven Hills Veterinary Hospital is proud to be a premier provider of FidoCure®.

FidoCure is a precision medicine platform for dogs with cancer.

Precision medicine is an approach to healthcare that matches treatment based on the personal characteristics of the patient, such as their genetic profile. FidoCure® brings this cutting-edge approach to human cancer care to our beloved canine family members. For some cancer types, preliminary data show a benefit to using a precision medicine-based targeted therapy approach.

The FidoCure® NGS diagnostic genomically characterizes your dog’s tumor and pinpoints targeted therapies using the same medicines that are FDA approved for humans, with dosage adjusted and compounded specifically for your dog. These targeted therapies are given orally at home by the family or caregiver.

Every cancer is unique. Together with FidoCure’s precision medicine experts, your veterinarian can determine if this approach would benefit your dog. To learn more, ask our veterinary team. You can also reach out to the FidoCure team for a free informational call.